Distribution Files for the RIETAN-FP·VENUS Package

We have been developing programs to analyze crystal structures from X-ray and neutron powder diffraction data and visualize results of the analyses as well as electronic-state calculations in three dimensions. Through distribution of these programs free of charge, we wish to promote quantum-beam technology and work on a social action program of NIMS.

This Web page allows you to download two archive files for Windows 7/8 and OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) or later. Each of them contains Fortran programs listed below, examples of their execution, an integrated assistance environment for RIETAN-VENUS, PDF manuals, etc.

  1. A multi-purpose pattern-fitting system RIETAN-FP v2.83 (the successor to RIETAN-2000)
  2. ORFFE to calculate geometrical parameters from lattice and structure parameters resulting from Rietveld analysis with RIETAN-FP
  3. lst2cif to convert *.lst (standard output of RIETAN-FP) plus .dst (standard output of ORFFE) into *.cif
  4. An acrobatic bash script, MPF_multi.command, for automatic MPF analyses
  5. ALBA to analyze diffraction data by the maximum-entropy Patterson method
  6. MADEL to calculate site potentials and Madelung energies from lattice and structure parameters

In MEM-based pattern fitting (MPF), RIETAN-FP and Dysnomia are alternately executed while examining distribution of electron or nuclear densities resulting from MEM analysis. With MPF_multi.command, two or more MPF analyses, where standard uncertainties of |Fo| are adjusted as specified by the user, can be executed automatically.

VESTA (the successor to VICS and VEND) and Dysnomia (the successor to PRIMA) in the VENUS system are distributed in JP-Minerals.

The assistance environments for Windows and macOS, respectively, function on two major text editors, Hidemaru Editor and Jedit X, popular in Japan.

1. Documentation

The above archive file is downloaded and decompressed to give a folder named documents, which contains PDF manuals, *.pdf. After reading Readme_Win.pdf (Windows version) or Readme_Mac.pdf (macOS version) carefully, install the programs using an installer in one of two archive files (Windows_versions_201*.zip or macOS_versions_201*.dmg) described below. Then, move folder documents to folder RIETAN_VENUS.

2. A distribution file for Windows

Download and decompress the above archive file. To install the RIETAN-VENUS package, right-click on Install_RIETAN_VENUS.bat and select "Run as Administrator"

Note that only the 64-bit version of Windows is supported in this RIETAN-VENUS package.

Though both Readme_Win.pdf and Readme_macros.pdf are written in Japanese, you will be able to understand how to run the programs by referring to other manuals. The whole software package is installed in C:\Program Files\RIETAN_VENUS\ while examples of execution are stored in C:\Users\(user name)\Documents\RIETAN_VENUS_examples\ in Windows 7/8/10. Batch files, whereby the programs can be launched without use of the assistance environment, are included in RIETAN_VENUS\Batch_files. They are useful in learning arguments of executable binary programs of RIETAN-FP, ORFFE, Dysnomia, etc. Please modify them to prepare batch files for your particular data.

3. A distribution file for macOS

This is dedicated software for Intel Macs whose OS is macOS 10.12 Sierra or earlier. it cannot be run on Power PC Macs (obsolete!).

Download and double-click macOS_versions_201*.dmg to mount a virtual disk drive named macOS_versions. Install the software after reading Readme_Mac.pdf carefully. Be sure to check "Don't warn me when opening applications on this disk image" if any in a dialog box that appears after Install_RIETAN_VENUS has been double-clicked.

Readme_scpt.pdf, which is a manual for the integrated assistance environment for RIETAN-VENUS, is unfortunately written in Japanese. However, you will be able to use all the programs after reading Readme_Mac.pdf and other PDF files in folder documents.

The v2.6X-compatible system contains 64-bit applications compatible with OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) or later.

4. Notices to users

Our software packages are distributed in the hope that they will be useful and reliable. They are, however, provided "as is'' without any warranty. There is no charge for the programs, per se, whereas technical service concerning them is not free.

Please use RIETAN-FP from now on because RIETAN-2000, which is now obsolete, is neither distributed nor maintained any more.

License agreements of the programs are definitely stated in their PDF manuals. Please note that the article to be quoted when reporting results obtained with RIETAN-FP is

which is different from the article to be quoted on the use of RIETAN-2000.